Services of FIGEL Sp. z o.o. Service includes repair of all welding equipment


Experienced staff members provide on-site and customer service. The services of FIGEL can be used directly in Gdansk, and also through the Warsaw Departmentand the Gliwice Depatment.

You do not like any of these locations? We will help you to arrange transportation from and to anywhere in Poland.


FIGEL Sp.z o.o. ensures:

  • Warranty and post warranty repair of all types of equipment used in welding technology
  • Consultation on operating problems of welding equipment
  • Agreements for comprehensive service repairs
  • Modernization and revitalization of welding equipment (tailor-made)
  • Integration of welding systems
  • Examination of the shock protection circuit (with relevant certificates)
  • Turnover of used equipment
  • The ability to provide replacement equipment during repairs
  • Lease of welding and auxiliary equipment

Favorable conditions are individually agreed upon. For our Clients, we conduct consultations on the operating problems of welding equipment for “MIG”, “MAG”, “TIG” welding, spot welding and the selection of welding equipment and materials offered on the market.

Equipment delivered for repair is tested for shock protection, and upon request the test results are documented with a valid test certificate (valid 12 months).

We also trade in used welding equipment (buying, repairing, selling, mediation).